Here at Mediagin Creative we believe that an active social media presence can greatly impact your brand’s online exposure.  We recently ran across an old post and great read by Marketing Land’s Arnie Kuenn titled, “How Long Should Your Content Be? What Works On Blogs, Facebook & More“.

If you’re on Twitter, you already know that Twitter limits tweet length to 140 characters.  However, according to research by Track Social, the majority of tweets that are re-tweeted are between 71 and 100 characters.  Buddy Media also discovered that tweets with 100 characters or less have a 17% higher engagement rate.  Facebook posts generate the most interaction when the character count falls between 100-119.

While there’s no precise formula for determining the proper length of your content, one way to maximize your content’s exposure is to make it contagious and worth sharing.  If you’re interested in upgrading your brand’s web presence, please contact Mediagin Creative today.