Here at Mediagin, we can’t keep still for two minutes.  Something always has to be brewing.  We’ve made dozens of DIY photo rigs over the past few years, mostly out of PVC.  After showing up to a few shoots and getting that – “hey, they made their own equipment – uh – cool” vibes, we’ve decided to change it up a bit.  We’re still technically making our own stuff, but this time it’s a head-first jump into the deep end of aerial videography.

I’ve always been interested in everything RC – especially flying.  When FPV (First Person Video) was introduced where a small camera could shoot back live video as if you were in actually in the plane, my excitement took off to a whole new level.  However, I was still hesitant to jump in the hobby since flying planes or helicopters takes months and months of practice and you end up buying lots of parts in the process due to crashes.

Quadcopters are what initially sparked my interest in using them for photography and videography.  I first saw the AR Drone.  Doing more research on the AR Drone, lead me to focus more on the DJI Phantom – which could carry my GoPro camera.  I had nearly enough money saved up to purchase one and then more research lead me to a hexacopter setup.  With two more blades, it was more stable and a large enough rig could carry my DSLR to new heights.  The problem with each of these steps in my research is that each rig was increasingly more expensive.  Professional hexacopters can range from $5,000 to $20,000.  That’s a large investment for a RC newbee to flying around.

So, I eventually landed on building my own Tarot 680 Pro rig.  After countless hours of research and opinions, I’ve purchased each component individually.  Right now the rig is partially complete.  I’ll post more photos and hopefully video soon.

Here’s a similar setup to what I’ll have when my hex is complete…