There are a lot of web design companies out there.  Unfortunately, just because there are a lot of choices, it doesn’t mean you should settle on the first one you find.

Choose Your Web Design Company Carefully

When choosing a web design company, you need to be diligent about your selection.  Look at their portfolio, meet with them face to face, talk to past clients, and make doubly sure they can deliver the final product your company needs.

Most companies won’t be able to do it.  They won’t have the right designers or creative know-how, they won’t be able to work within your budget, and they just won’t meet your expectations on the whole.  Here at Mediagin Creative, we do have our limits and we’re quite open about them.  We would never take a project that didn’t give you the best possible return on your investment.

Sadly, too many people settle on the first design firm they come across and, in the end, they end up disappointed, frustrated and out a few thousand bucks.  If you’ve already signed up with a web design company, but you’re not getting the service you need, you may be one of these very people.  Be on the lookout for these three red flags, and if you spot them, it’s time to move on to a new firm – before it’s too late!

1. You can’t get a hold of them.

Your website is a big deal.  It’s what will bring in new customer leads, and much of your sales and marketing efforts will ride on it.  Your web design firm should feel your site is a big deal as well.  They should be available to answer questions and discuss concerns any time you have them, and they shouldn’t give you the run around or play phone tag when you want an update or need help.

If you ever feel like your firm isn’t making you and your site a priority, exit promptly stage right.

2. You’re not seeing any tangible progress.

You shouldn’t expect your website to be completed in a day, a week or even a month.  However, you should at least be seeing some real, viable progress along the way.  If it’s been three weeks and you haven’t heard a peep, then there’s a problem.

Web design is a process.  You should see some sort of traction on your project at least once a week.  Whether it’s a mock-up, screenshots of progress, a staging site, or some type of content or deliverable – it doesn’t have to be huge, but there has to be some movement.

If you’re not seeing that progress, you’ve either chosen a company who just can’t deliver or one who refuses to prioritize your project.  Either way, you’re getting the wrong end of the deal.

3. You’re not being kept in the loop.

It’s one thing to trust your web design company for their design eye, knack for content writing, or coding skills – but that doesn’t mean it should be a blind process for you.  You shouldn’t just send off a check and expect a final product a month later.

If you want to ensure you’re getting a site that truly meets your needs, helps you accomplish your goals and has the look and feel you want, you need to be kept in the loop every step of the way. Your web design firm should know that and be sending you periodic updates of the progress without you asking for them.

In fact, they should be soliciting your feedback at every turn – getting your approval on designs, asking for input on copy, and having you test the staging site for quality and usability.  If your web design firm isn’t doing this, you’re going to end up completely surprised by your final product – and it probably won’t be a good surprise.

Did You Choose Poorly?

If you think you may have chosen the wrong web design company, don’t dismay.  It’s never too late to find a new one!  Contact us today and learn how we can make your web design (or redesign) process an easy, affordable and successful one.