5 Reasons Why Video is a Necessity for Your Business

Did you know that adding video to your website increases your chances of a first page Google result 53 times.  Did you know that using video in emails can double your open rates? In the following infographic, Explainify demonstrates why video should be a part of your next marketing discussion.

Call to Action Buttons

Get Better Results with Great Calls to Action

If you’re looking for ways to improve the performance and conversions on your small business website, then paying more attention to your call to action (CTA) might help. Synecore share their tips in the infographic below.  CTA buttons prompt your website visitors to take a specific action. That action can be to learn more about your products …Read More

Brand Consistency is Important

With so many channels available for brand promotion, it’s easy for companies to lose sight and have inconsistent messaging and design, especially if different people are updating these channels.  This makes it confusing for potential (and even current) customers.  An average user will decide in the first 10 seconds of visiting a page if it’s what they’re looking …Read More

Simplifying Your Website Design/Redesign

It’s the first question we normally get.  “How much will it cost to design/re-design our website”.  It’s very similar to how much will it cost to build a house.  The factors involved can be immense depending on your needs.  The costs can range from free to thousands of dollars depending on your willingness to get dirty. Here …Read More

content length

Content Length and It’s Shareability

Here at Mediagin Creative we believe that an active social media presence can greatly impact your brand’s online exposure.  We recently ran across an old post and great read by Marketing Land’s Arnie Kuenn titled, “How Long Should Your Content Be? What Works On Blogs, Facebook & More“.

Signs Your Website Has Passed It’s Expiration Date

My wife and I just recently went through our entire kitchen cabinets, pantry and refrigerator.  Would you believe we tossed out five large yard bags of outdated food?  These items simply got pushed to the back and were forgotten.  Fortunately for us, these items were all stamped with a “use by” date.  Though it’s not marked as clearly, your …Read More

Questioning Your Potential Web Design Company

A great website is more than great design.  It also needs solid development if you want it to function properly, support your content and ensure your message gets across accurately. When creating a new web presence, many people tend to only focus on the design – the front-end, customer-facing product.  While the front-end is certainly important, it’s …Read More

WordPress is Still the Choice Content Management System

If you’re like most business owners you fall into one of two groups: A) You know you need a website, but you just haven’t had the time or money to make it happen, or B) You have a website, but you know it’s not what it should be and you’re constantly making excuses for it. If you’re …Read More

Cheap Website Vs Custom Website

As a website design firm we get the quote often, “but I can build a website for free using this online editor”.  They have surely seen the commercials or read online about how easy it is to “build your own website within minutes”.  We consistently tell these customers that in web design, you will always get what …Read More