Radio Advertising Facts

Radio Advertising Facts educates potential radio clients about the importance of marketing their business and the benefits of advertising on radio versus other mediums.

New South Gun Shows

New South Gun Shows is the parent company of specific organized gun show events in different cities across Mississippi.  This website contains information for each show as well as informs viewers of gun legislation affecting Mississippi and other news.  Mediagin created their logo and the website.  We also provide the voice over for their radio and TV commercials. …Read More

Small Market Radio Network

Small Market Radio Network’s goal is to become a platform for the exchange of promotional ideas, successful sales packages and campaigns, creative marketing ideas, and effective commercial copy – and for small market broadcasters.

Old Lincoln Town

Friends of Old Town Lincoln, New Mexico

Lincoln, New Mexico has an amazing past.  Billy “the kid” made frequent stops to Lincoln, New Mexico and it’s main street was once know as “the most dangerous street in America”. “Friends of Lincoln” is a non-profit organization with the mission of preserving the history and the historic buildings of that town.

Skyrocket Radio

Skyrocket Radio

Skyrocket Radio provides small market stations with the digital space and resources to extend their brand online and gain new listeners and clients.

Lakeover Funeral Home

For Lakeover’s new site, we made it responsive, added additional information for current obituaries and extended their knowledge base…

Daves Highway

In 2013, we were contracted to design new t-shirts, new CD cover artwork and re-design their website to match.

49 Tire

49 Tire has commissioned us a few times to design in-store signage and outdoor billboard designs. In 2012 we took the task of redesigning their logo.

Cottonland Cruisers

CottonLand Cruisers is Toyota 4×4 enthusiast club in Mississippi. We have designed event t-shirts for the club for the past three years.

Oldies 105.1

In 2012, they switched from Q-105.1 to Oldies 105.1. We created the new logo and the TV commercial announcing the switch.