The Town of Livingston

Once a thriving commercial center, Livingston was nearly deserted by the Civil War. Recent commercial and residential development has revived the lost community.  The town website offers visitors upcoming event information, list of venues and businesses and town news.

The Natural Health Project

The Natural Health Project is a medically integrated wholistic wellness clinic that combines a medically supervised program of patient care that address the chief complaint as well as a complete review of the patient’s total health picture.  Their website offers an easy way for potential patients to consume information about the clinic and their care. Additionally, we …Read More

Trail of Honor

Trail of Honor

Each May, the Jackson Mississippi Harley Davidson dealership is closed to normal business and transforms to host the Trail Of Honor a living history demonstration event like no other. The Trail Of Honor began in 2003 as a way to welcome the Run for the Wall riders and to honor our vets.  What began as a pit …Read More

Tallahatchie General Hospital

Their new site offers easy access to service information, embedded video, Google Maps, list of service providers and appointment setting.

Radio Advertising Facts

Radio Advertising Facts educates potential radio clients about the importance of marketing their business and the benefits of advertising on radio versus other mediums.

New South Gun Shows

New South Gun Shows is the parent company of specific organized gun show events in different cities across Mississippi.  This website contains information for each show as well as informs viewers of gun legislation affecting Mississippi and other news.  Mediagin created their logo and the website.  We also provide the voice over for their radio and TV commercials. …Read More

Tutwiler Clinic

Tutwiler Clinic

In 1983, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, a Catholic convent based in Canada, opened a clinic in Tutwiler, Mississippi.  Its mission was founded in charity, and aspired to provide healthcare to a poor, underserved community in the Mississippi Delta.  And for 33 years the sisters did just that, becoming a vital part …Read More

Sunflower Management Group

Sunflower Management Group

Sunflower Management Group provides solutions that make Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Clinics successful.  Whether your facility needs a complete turnaround, or just a tuneup to ensure operational efficiency and strong revenue, Sunflower Management Group can help.

Small Market Radio Network

Small Market Radio Network’s goal is to become a platform for the exchange of promotional ideas, successful sales packages and campaigns, creative marketing ideas, and effective commercial copy – and for small market broadcasters.

Old Lincoln Town

Friends of Old Town Lincoln, New Mexico

Lincoln, New Mexico has an amazing past.  Billy “the kid” made frequent stops to Lincoln, New Mexico and it’s main street was once know as “the most dangerous street in America”. “Friends of Lincoln” is a non-profit organization with the mission of preserving the history and the historic buildings of that town.