A Website Alone Will Not Improve Your Business

A few months ago, I turned down a project with a substantial budget–around $10K.  Well, $10K is quite substantial for the clients we typically work with.  Anyhow, the prospects told me that their biggest problem was their website.  I’m sure I could have taken on the project and created a new website that looked great, and the client …Read More

5 Secrets that Every Web Development Firm Should Tell You

When it comes to creating a new website, clients tend to be the least familiar with the development phase – the actual building and coding of the site itself.  Unfortunately, this unfamiliarity often leads to confusion once the development process has begun. Clients come in with certain expectations – on timeframes, deliverables and costs – and when …Read More

Utilizing Twitter for Your Business

In the past, the general consensus is that your business needs to be on Facebook.  This mindset could be changing, especially for small business owners who jumped on Facebook early.  Since Facebook changed their algorithm some time back, your post’s ability to reach fans has become more difficult – unless you’re willing to pay for it.