Cheap Website Vs Custom Website

As a website design firm we get the quote often, “but I can build a website for free using this online editor”.  They have surely seen the commercials or read online about how easy it is to “build your own website within minutes”.  We consistently tell these customers that in web design, you will always get what …Read More

A Website Alone Will Not Improve Your Business

A few months ago, I turned down a project with a substantial budget–around $10K.  Well, $10K is quite substantial for the clients we typically work with.  Anyhow, the prospects told me that their biggest problem was their website.  I’m sure I could have taken on the project and created a new website that looked great, and the client …Read More

5 Secrets that Every Web Development Firm Should Tell You

When it comes to creating a new website, clients tend to be the least familiar with the development phase – the actual building and coding of the site itself.  Unfortunately, this unfamiliarity often leads to confusion once the development process has begun. Clients come in with certain expectations – on timeframes, deliverables and costs – and when …Read More

Autoplay Audio/Video on Your Site Could Be Costing You Customers

We still get requests posed to us from time to time where a client wants to auto play music or a video on their website.  I get the fact that a video may contain something you want the potential customer to know right away or you may want music to set the mood while the visitor looks …Read More

How Much Will My Website Cost??

There are lots of agencies and freelancers offering websites that range from $5 to arm+leg. So how much can you expect to pay for yours?

How Usable Is Your Website?

Not everyone has the budget to hire website usability researchers to review their site. Here are some free tips you can use.

Monetize Your Website or Blog

Here are some ideas on things you can do or add to your website to start rolling in the dough.

Website Redesign – Reasons To and Not To

In today’s online world, it is not enough just to have a website – marketing experts agree that your website should be worked on and improved on a regular basis in order to attract visitors seeking relevant and useful information, services and/or products.

Planning your Web Design Budget

Here at Mediagin, we want you to be informed of your website options regardless if you choose us to work with or not. If you’ve decided that you need a new web site, but are unsure of how much it costs, here is some information that will help you determine the budget that is required for your …Read More

Website Usability Tips

When it comes to drawing in Web users to your website and keeping their eyes on the page, content is king. The best web content is not defined by length or by the scope of your content; it is defined by concise and descriptive text. The key to attracting Web users is to provide them with exactly …Read More